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Western Identity is a movement belonging to the identitarian tradition. As identitarians, we believe that the sense of self is the single greatest factor that guides our approach to life as individuals, communities, and nations. To identify our goals we must be able to first identify ourselves, to even conceive of a tomorrow we must have a yesterday. It is the factors that have the deepest roots that imbue our identities, and consequently our lives with the fullest sense of direction and meaning. Race, religion, language, culture, history, and ethnicity are all fundamental aspects of a true and complete sense of self. It is on this basis that identitarianism has the fully committed orientation towards continuity with the past at the core of its position. We are traditionalists and we are nationalists without qualification. We will not disavow the past or ourselves for being who we are. We will not acquiesce to breaking ourselves off from the generations who came before. We oppose globalism because the end destination of such a doctrine is the standardization and subjugation of man through the complete substitution of authentic identity for empty consumerism. In maintaining this position, our organization follows in the trail blazed by ID Canada and Generation Identity before it. We are a new organization with a new strategy, a new approach, and new objectives, but our resolve and our fundamental position remain unchanged.


 Our identity is undeniably Canadian - however, just as the Québécois maintain their own unique identity shaped by their people, culture, and history, Western Canada also possesses such an identity forged by our ancestor's pioneering struggle to break soil in the once harsh and untamed frontiers of the west. In previous years the Canadian movement was national in its scope and orientation, however with a new organization comes a new approach and a new mindset, one embracing the unique and deep-rooted regional identities of our nation. To that end this organization is concerned with the cultivation and the promotion of the interests of Western Canadians, of the Prairies and the West Coast, whether our road inclines us towards eventually closing ranks with the growing separatist cause in the West or once again embracing a cross-country nationalist revival, we are an organization that will remain focused primarily on its basis here in the West.


The future vision and strategy of Western Identity will be towards the cultivation of an active nationalist network and the consolidation of an enduring European community. Central to our activities will be the promotion of a culture of self-improvement, raising our members to be exemplars of the ideals that we profess through sharpening each other to be our physical, intellectual, and moral best. There will continue to be an orientation towards growing our name and presence via street activism, however priority will be given to developing the growth of the network within the extent to which it already exists, focusing on building up the quality of our connections over their quantity. Great works have small beginnings, and just as our forefathers devoted themselves to laying the foundations of the cathedrals that they themselves would never live to see to completion, so must we work with an understanding that the reversal of our social, national, and civilizational decline will be an intergenerational undertaking of its own. Because we in our present time and circumstances have had little to no prior foundation to build upon in this work, the greatest service we can provide is to take meticulous care to lay foundations of our own that are sound and that can be further consolidated upon in greater future endeavours.


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